A community of houseboats floats on the shallow water of Shasta Lake in California. | U.S. Geological Survey

California Drought by the Numbers

Numbers don't lie, and the data underlying California's drought do not have anything good to say.

Published On 06/11/2015
5:30 PM EDT
The world's tallest thermometer stands in Baker, Calif. | Thinkstock/iStock
Some districts in California have already exceeded water reduction mandates, but most are struggling to keep up. | Thinkstock/iStock
Flood irrigation, though inefficient, poses no resource-constraint concerns in wetter climates, but California's dry conditions aren't well suited for it. | Thinkstock/iStock
Given they were seafaring folk, Vikings may have withered in drought conditions themselves. | Thinkstock/iStock
Farm workers have suffered the past few seasons as some farmers have had to leave fields fallow. | Thinkstock/iStock
Farmers without access to water have to leave fields unplanted. | Thinkstock/iStock
Lawns are increasingly falling out of fashion with the drought. | Thinkstock/iStock
The California drought means no water, but that doesn't mean money isn't getting flushed down the drain. | Thinkstock/iStock
A satellite view shows just how dry and barren the California landscape currently is. | NASA's Earth Observatory