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Parents of Bullies Could Pay Up to $681 in Wisconsin

In one Wisconsin town, parents of bullies will now be fined $366 for a first offense and $681 for a second offense if they don't fix their kid's behavior.

Parents of bullies will now be fined $366 if they do not take action to correct their child's behavior within 90 days of receiving notice of an incident, in the town of Shawano, WI. This new ordinance was enacted in an attempt to combat bullying in the wake of a shooting at the Antigo, WI prom Saturday, reports WFRV.

The plan is for Shawano police to work with the Shawano school district to inform parents of incidents where their child has been bullying other students. The parents will then have 90 days to stop their kid's behavior or they will be fined $366. If the parents have a second offense within one year they will receive a $681 fine.

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Kylee Jones of Shawano told WFRV that her son has been bullied consistently since middle school. "He shouldn't have to even deal with it. I don't think he should have to come to me every day and say 'well, it happened again'," she said. "I need to know that not just my kids are safe but all the kids are safe. You know, like this shouldn't be happening."

18-year-old Jakob Wagner, the suspected gunman at the Antigo prom shooting, died at the hospital on Sunday, after police patrolling the school open-fired on him when they heard his shots. Two students were struck by the gunfire but suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Those that knew Jakob Wagner say he was a victim of bullying at school. Jones told WFRV she can see how a kid who was bullied would be driven to do something like the incident at the Antigo prom. In reference to the bullying her son has suffered, she said, "...thank God my son is strong and I appreciate him being strong. I give him so much credit."