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Best to Buy Airline Tickets on the Weekends

A ticket purchased on a Saturday instead of a Tuesday could net you a 5 percent savings.

You might have heard that buying an airline tickets on a Tuesday could get you a nice discount. But a recent study conducted by researchers at Texas A&M University indicates there's no proof to back it up. In fact, they found that buying airline tickets on the weekend saves money.

Steven Puller, an associate professor of economics and co-author Lisa Taylor, a former Texas A&M graduate student, found that tickets purchased on Saturday or Sunday were, on average, 5 percent cheaper than similar tickets purchased on weekdays.

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The difference in price is a result of "price discrimination," a practice airlines embark upon when they sell the same flight for different prices to different buyers. It occurs frequently on routes that serve both business and leisure travelers.

Puller said in a press release, "If the business travelers primarily purchase tickets on weekdays, then the typical traveler buying on the weekend is more likely to be a price-sensitive leisure traveler than a business traveler. There is an incentive for the airlines to lower fares on the weekends to try to entice the price-sensitive leisure traveler to buy a ticket."

Puller and Taylor published their results in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

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