Baby Gorilla a Welcome Surprise at Prague Zoo

It was a case of 'who knew she was pregnant?' when zoo staff realized a newbie was on the scene.

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Staff at the Prague Zoo got a great surprise on Saturday April 23, when 24-year-old gorilla Shinda gave birth a tony next-gen gorilla,



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The staff was not aware Shinda was even pregnant. Her history with carrying babies to term was unlucky, and they thought she was just a bit overweight.

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Mom and the new arrival have been star attractions since the birth. Here's a video of

parent and new child

from the zoo.

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According to this

Facebook post

from zoo director Miroslav Bobek, staff had actually begun to despair that Shinda would ever bring a baby in to the world, with her history of miscarriages.

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So far, according to

Sky News

, mom and the newbie are doing just fine.

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