A view of the COSMOS field in the constellation of Sextans, seen in infrared light. This corresponds closely to the region of the sky studied in the new research. | ESO/UltraVISTA team.

A New 3D Map of the Early Universe Reveals 4,000 Infant Galaxies

Astronomers from Lancaster University have modeled conditions during the earliest moments of the cosmos.

A map of the cube of spacetime covered in the new survey, showing the ‘look-back time’ to the galaxies in billions of years. The positions of the 4,000 galaxies appear as circles. The colors represent the degree of redshift seen, with the bluer circles indicating galaxies seen in the more recent past, and so less redshifted. Green, yellow, orange, and red circles indicate successively higher redshifts, and galaxies that are progressively seen further back in time. | D. Sobral