KTSDesign/Science Photo Library via Getty Images
Artificial Intelligence

Superconducting Artificial Synapses Could Soon Power Brain-Like Computers

Deep-learning algorithms get a boost from synapse-based hardware that mimics functions in the brain.

Illustration showing the basic operation of NIST's artificial synapse, which could connect processors and store memories in future neuromorphic computers operating like the human brain. A synapse is a connection or switch between two brain cells. NIST's artificial synapse is a tiny metal cylinder that processes incoming electrical spikes to customize spiking output signals based on a tunable internal design. Researchers apply current pulses to control the number of nanoclusters pointing in the same direction, as depicted in the "disordered" versus "ordered" cartoons. This design, in which different inputs alter the alignment and resulting output signals, is inspired by how the brain operates. | NIST