Are Teachers Unintentionally Racist?

Teachers sometimes have biases towards certain students, but do their expectations actually affect whether or not the students succeed?

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Who Believes in Me? The Effect of Student-Teacher Demographic Match on Teacher Expectations (Science Direct)
"Teachers are an important source of information for traditionally disadvantaged students. However, little is known about how teachers form expectations and whether they are systematically biased. We investigate whether student-teacher demographic mismatch affects high school teachers' expectations for students' educational attainment."

Being Honest About the Pygmalion Effect (Discover Magazine)
"Rosenthal struck gold with his now-famous findings. His study survived an extraordinary storm of controversy to become one of the most inspiring and widely cited breakthroughs in the history of psychology. "The bottom line is that if we expect certain behaviors from people, we treat them differently - and that treatment is likely to affect their behavior," says the psychologist, now 82 years old and still collaborating with researchers on nonverbal communication projects at the University of California, Riverside."

Gender Bias in Teaching (
"A common response from teachers when asked about gender inequity in classrooms is that they treat all their students the same. There are two problems with this statement. First, students are diverse and have different learning issues, thus treating all students in the same way means that some students will have a better learning experience than their peers."