Are Rated-R Movies Really That Terrible For Kids?

These days kids are exposed to increasingly violent movies but what are the real-life repercussions?

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Reality=Relevance? Insights from Spontaneous Modulations of the Brain's Default Network when Telling Apart Reality from Fiction (PLOS)
"the findings suggest that one of the factors that guide our implicit knowledge of what is real and unreal is the degree of coded personal relevance associated with a particular entity/character representation."
" we are predisposed to automatically attend to and further process self relevant information, the current results lend support to recent proposals that the default network is activated when engaging in mental simulation or "imaginative constructions of hypothetical events or scenarios"' PG-13 movies match R rating for violence, study says (Washington Post)
" violence in films had more than doubled since 1950, and that violence had tripled in PG-13 films over the past quarter-century. In addition, while PG-13 movies initially had only about as much violence as G- and PG-rated films, since 2009 they have contained as much violence as R-rated films, or more."

Exposure of US Adolescents to Extremely Violent Movies (US National Library of Medicine)
"Watching extremely violent movies was associated with being male, older, nonwhite, having less-educated parents, and doing poorly in school."
"Violent movie exposure was also associated with measures of media parenting, with high-exposure adolescents being significantly more likely to have a television in their bedroom and to report that their parents allowed them to watch R-rated movies."