Are Babies Healthier When They Come Out Of A Vagina?

New research shows being born via c-section can affect your microbiome! How does this have lifelong health effects?

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Scientists Swab C-Section Babies with Mothers' Microbes (Scientific American)
"The procedure - tested on just four newborns - is an attempt to simulate the microbial exposures that babies born through caesarean section (C-section) surgeries lack. C-section babies have a slightly higher risk of developing obesity, asthma and other ailments than do children born vaginally."

Partial Restoration of the Microbiota of Cesarean-Born Infants via Vaginal Microbial Transfer (Nature)
"Although the long-term health consequences of restoring the microbiota of C-section-delivered infants remain unclear, our results demonstrate that vaginal microbes can be partially restored at birth in C-section-delivered babies."

A Meta-Analysis of the Association Between Caesarean Section and Childhood Asthma (NIH)
"Children born by Caesarean section have modified intestinal bacterial colonization and consequently may have an increased risk of developing asthma under the hygiene hypothesis. The results of previous studies that have investigated the association between Caesarean section and asthma have been conflicting."