Dagger of Emperor Jahangir, Mughal dynasty, 1621, India. The watered steel blade contains meteoric iron, iron hilt, and a gold inlay. | Wikimedia Commons

King Tut's Jewelry and Other Bronze Age Treasures Contain Meteorites

Numerous Bronze Age artifacts, including King Tut's dagger and Shang Dynasty axes, contain iron from meteors, suggesting that iron smelting did not occur during this bronze-centric period.

Albert Jambon analyzing a meteorite at Poznan University, Poland | B. Devouard
Albert Jambon analyzing Bronze Age artifacts at Poznan University, Poland | B. Devouard
Close-up of an iron-containing meteorite. The surface features numerous thumbprint-like impressions known as regmaglypts that were formed as the meteor passed through Earth's atmosphere. | Albert Jambon