Protesters carry the Egyptian flag. | Maged Helal/Flickr

Arab Spring to Winter: 5 Years Later

The Arab Spring sparked hopes for democracy. Instead, the region saw renewed authoritarianism, the rise of ISIS, and a historic humanitarian crisis.

Published On 12/18/2015
11:30 AM EST
Tunisians celebrate their revolution anniversary. | Magharebia/Flickr
Ahmad Hammoud/Flickr
Courtney Radsch/Flickr
Syrians survey bombed out buildings. | Observatory for Human Rights
Protesters demonstrate against militancy and violence in Sanaa, Yemen. | Khaled Abdullah/Reuters/Corbis
Hundreds of protesters stage a sit-in in Almogsha in 2014. | bahrain14feb bilad/Demotix/Corbis
King Abdullah II | U.S. Department of Defense