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Aphrodisiacs That Are as Stimulating as Decaf

Looking to boost your sex drive? Increase your endurance? Boost your performance? None of these products can do any of that.

May 23, 2013
8:00 AM EDT
Magic Power Coffee offers an entirely different kind of upper. | iStockphoto
Smilin' Bob was the face of Enzyte, though he in no way represented the product's average customer. | YouTube screengrab
The chemical in this emerald-green beetle has been used since the times of ancient Rome to boost libido. | Wikimedia Commons
Toad poison doesn't equal passion. | Corbis Images
Rhino horns have all kinds of bogus medical applications. | Corbis Images
If you see any of these bottles at a corner store or a gas station, avoid them. | Food and Drug Administration (FDA)