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Anything You Can Do, Robots Can Do Better: Photos

No matter how well trained a pilot or other skilled worker might be, humans are imperfect, and the chances for error will always be there.

Published On 07/10/2013
9:15 AM EDT
Pilot error led to the crash of Asiana Flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport. | Getty Images
This smart car powered by Google could dramatically reduce automobile accidents. | Getty Images
This robot mechanic can change your tire for you, though with today's technology it'd be faster and cheaper to just do it yourself. | YouTube Screen Grab / DARPA
Is this what a busy trading floor will look like in the future? | Getty Images
Why a robotic journalist would need a pen, we don't know. | Getty Images
Good robotic help can be so hard to find these days. | Saxena Lab
Robots already fit right in on the farm. | Getty Images
Robot-assisted surgeons already perform thousands of procedures every year. | Corbis Images
When military personnel use the term war machine in the future, this drone and robots like it will be what they're referring to. | U.S. Navy
Robonaut could work alongside astronauts on the space stations of the future. | NASA