Recreation of Yeti (left), brown bear cubs playing in water (right) | pixabay (left) and Steve Hillebrand, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Wikimedia Commons (right)

DNA Analysis Reveals the True Identity of Himalayan Yetis

Researchers evaluated supposed Yeti excrement, hairs, and other remains and concluded that the myth is likely rooted in scary encounters with bears.

Himalayan brown bear from Deosai National Park, Pakistan | Abdullah Khan, Snow Leopard Foundation
A femur from the decayed body of a purported Yeti that was found in a cave in Tibet. Biologist Charlotte Lindqvist tested DNA from the bone for Yeti or Not, which aired on Animal Planet in 2016. The bone was found to belong to a Tibetan brown bear. | Icon Films Ltd.
Okapi at Disney's Animal Kingdom | Wikimedia Commons
A hair sample from a purported Yeti in Nepal. DNA analysis determined that the hair belonged to a Tibetan brown bear. | Icon Films Ltd.