Tilikum, the whale behind the fatal injury, performs in a show in this photo. | Getty Images

Animals: Captive, But Not Contained

An animal in a cage is not the same thing as an animal under control.

Published On 07/23/2013
7:20 AM EDT
Lions may thrill audiences at the circus, but they also occasionally threaten their trainers. | Corbis Images
Sigfried and Roy appear with a white tiger cub years after the performance that would end their show. | Getty Images
Ligers exhibit characteristics of both lions and tigers, including their propensity toward aggression. | Getty Images
Bears need an especially skilled trainer to keep these naturally nomadic animals within their confines. | Corbis Images
Travis the chimp met a bloody end after the attack on Charla Nash. | Wikimedia Commons
An elephant can do a lot of damage, even when it doesn't mean to. | Corbis Images
Kangaroos are widely known as animal boxers, so they definitely know how to throw a punch. | Corbis Images
When reacting to fear, horses can be aggressive and dangerous. | Corbis Images