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Ancient Tsunami Theories Around The World

By looking at tsunami deposits, we can track ancient tsunamis throughout history. Some of these have even changed the world as we know it.

Scientists Figure Out What Causes Earth's Hum: Ocean Waves "Although most don't hear it, the Earth has a hum that some people all over the world are sensitive to. It is most often unexplained and maddening, but now scientists believe they have an answer to where it comes from: ocean waves."

Distinguishing Tsunami from Storm Deposits in the Geologic Record "The destruction caused by the Indian Ocean tsunami in December 2004 and Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 stunned observers around the world. These extreme events served as reminders that tsunamis and coastal storms are two of the most dangerous hazards to coastal population centers and economic infrastructures. "

Killer Waves: How Tsunamis Changed History "The Maori were victims of a one-two punch. An earthquake on the nearby Tonga-Kermadec fault triggered the first tsunami in the mid-15th century. It was soon followed by an enormous wave triggered by an exploding volcano called Kuwae, near Vanuatu."