Amy Tries to Kerbal a Basic Orbital Spaceflight

Orbital missions in ballistic capsules were the simplest, though not necessarily the expected, first steps in space.

Building off the rocket aircraft like the X-15 and Dyna-Soar, most involved in the high speed high altitude flight game assumed the first man in space would be a pilot in a rocket-powered space plane. But Sputnik forced fast tracking spaceflight, and military branches and civilian agencies alike seized on simple ballistic capsules as the way to get a man in space as quickly as possible. I attempted to narrate this slice of history while going through a simple orbital mission in Kerbal Space Program... emphasis on attempted!

(As a disclaimer: This video is really long! Let's call it an experiment to see if you guys can stand a *very* free form, train-of-thought type video from me! It's fun to try new things, right?)

Game: Kerbal Space Program

Music: Kevin MacLeod. All songs royalty free and featured in KSP!

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And here's the video of me trying to Kerbal Project Manhigh.

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