Why Are Japanese Men Not Having Sex?

Men who have never engaged in sexual intercourse have become so prevalent in Japan that there is even a term for them: Yaramiso.

The number of men in Japan who are virgins between the ages of 24 and 30 has now increased to 1 in 4. It's become such a commonality that the Japanese have a term for it: Yaramiso. When compared to the U.S. where less than one percent of men report being virginsfor the same age group, Japan's numbers seem fairly shocking.

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Why is it that so many Japanese men in their thirties have never engaged in intercourse? One theory is that it's difficult for Yaramiso to find partners because most of the women in their demographic have already found partners and the lack of experience of a Yaramiso makes them unattractive. Another theory is that with the decline in the economy, many men have lost their confidence along with their financial stability, making it even more difficult to meet women.

Interestly, some people have even tried to capitalize on this phenomenon, launching businesses to help teach Yaramiso about sex. But maybe we should be asking why this is such a problem in the first place? As one of these men put it, "There is no need to be so pessimistic. After all, being a virgin isn't fatal."

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