Customers try IQOS device during demonstration at IQOS store in Tokyo, Japan on July 31, 2017. Phillip Morris is trying to sell IQOS, a new kind of cigarette called heat-not burn. | Shiho Fukada for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco Products Could Overtake E-Cigarettes in Popularity

A study of interest in heat-not-burn tobacco shows a potentially large international market for the smoking devices, which remain largely unregulated.

Published On 10/23/2017
12:45 PM EDT
T T he use of e-cigarettes has risen sharply in recent years because they provide consumers with a nicotine buzz without producing the tar and other cancer causing-chemicals of standard cigarettes. But new research, published in the journal PLOS One finds that the use of e-cigarettes might soon be overshadowed by consumers choosing heat-not-burn products that come closer to conventional cigarettes in flavor but remain largely unregulated.
The figure shows the Relative Search Volume (scaled from 0–100 and adjusted for number of total Google search volumes per month in Japan and the USA) for heat-not-burn and electronic cigarette products. | Theodore L. Caputi, Eric Leas, Mark Dredze, Joanna E. Cohen, and John W. Ayers