A wind turbine spins above corn fields near Carroll, Iowa on Monday, Aug. 26, 2013. | Bill Clark/Getty Images

Powering America on Renewable Energy Alone May Be Harder Than Anticipated

A new analysis critiques a 2015 blueprint for achieving 100 percent renewable energy production in the United States by midcentury.

Published On 06/19/2017
3:10 PM EDT
T T he rapid growth of wind and solar power in the United States and abroad has some observers arguing that renewable energy is on the verge of a breakthrough, a rapid advance toward industry free of planet-warming carbon emissions.
This map shows wind resources across the contiguous United States at 80 meters above ground level. The team's research says that this resource is variable, so a broad portfolio of other technologies is needed to move to a zero-emissions energy future. | Christopher Clack and Vibrant Clean Energy LLC.