Having removed his shoes and socks, and with his wallet sitting on his stomach, a city office workers stretches out over the lush grass during a hot summer lunchtime in trinity Square in the City of London, England. With feet wide apart and arms spread, the young man is clearly fast asleep under a hot mid-day sun. Risking sunburn after prolonged solar radiation exposure, he is joined by dozens of other co-workers who also enjoy the inner-city heatwave. | In Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images

Here's How Summers Will Become Hotter Around the World Due to Climate Change

A dozen cities around the world could heat up so much that there is currently no comparison on Earth for their projected summer temperatures.

Published On 07/06/2017
2:13 PM EDT
S S ummers around the world are already warmer than they used to be, and they’re going to get dramatically hotter by century’s end if carbon pollution continues to rise. That problem will be felt most acutely in cities.