Members of the Enduring Ice expedition will be paddling double kayaks through watery passages among ice floes in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. | Steve Smith

‘Enduring Ice’ Expedition Will Kayak Through the Harshest of Arctic Environments

The five-member team will collect sea ice measurements and film their journey to educate viewers on the dramatic changes underway in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Published On 06/21/2017
12:44 PM EDT
C C hris Horvat, a polar oceanographer at Harvard University, had just finished giving a presentation on sea ice at a scientific conference last year when he was approached by an Arctic explorer. And not, Horvat said, just any Arctic explorer.
The terrain in the region is far from the smooth, flat vista of ice that is frequently imagined. When there is not enough open water for paddling, the team will drag kayaks across twisted landscapes of icebergs and floes. | Stephen Smith
When not sledging or paddling, the team will camp ashore in high-tech tents. | Stephen Smith