A prehistoric human skeleton in a cave near Tulúm on the Yucatán peninsula prior to looting by unknown cave divers. | Tom Poole, Liquid Jungle Lab

The Oldest Known Human Remains in the Americas Have Been Found in a Mexican Cave

The find is prompting scientists to rethinking how — and when — people first arrived in the Americas.

Published On 08/30/2017
2:21 PM EDT
A A n ice-free corridor between the Americas and Asia opened up about 12,500 years ago, allowing humans to cross over the Bering land bridge to settle what is now the United States and places beyond to the south. History books have conveyed that information for years to explain how the Americas were supposedly first settled by people, such as those from the Clovis culture.
Co-author Eugenio Acevez Nuñez of the Institute of American Prehistory examines fossils and other materials in the Chan Hol cave. | Tom Poole, Liquid Jungle Lab
A basalt tool excavated at Monte Verde, Chile | Tom Dillehay