'Ambition' Beautifully Blends Science, Art and Fantasy: Video

A stunning short film about dogged determination and ambition that can help humanity achieve anything.

Walking across a barren plain, after the apprentice failed to keep a levitating mountain of rock in the air, the master says to his student, "I think we should find you something a little less challenging."

"I don't understand. I planned everything. Let me try it again," argues the apprentice stubbornly.

And that is the premise of this beautifully-crafted short film by Polish director Tomek Baginski: through dogged determination and ambition, humanity can achieve anything.

Based in humanity's future, it is not clear what powers the master and apprentice possess, but they obviously have powers way beyond our comprehension, making the cutting edge CGI beautiful to watch. But what has this got to do with space?

I won't add any spoilers here, just watch. It's awesome:

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Well played, European Space Agency, well played.

Source: ESA (Youtube)