Watermelon has long quenched the thirst of overheated people. | Corbis

Amazing Stories of Summer Fruits

Americans' favorite summer fruits have juicy histories.

Published On 07/19/2013
7:00 AM EDT
A vineyard at Birnau, Germany on the shores of Lake Constance. | Andreas Praefcke
Southerners savored peaches for centuries, but it wasn't until the boll weevil decimated the cotton industry that peaches took off. | Corbis
During La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain, thousands of tomatoes make for a massive annual food fight. | Corbis
Kiwi fruits share the name of a tiny flightless bird from New Zealand. | Corbis
The history of the apricot originated with the Spanish. | Wikimedia Commons
The United States produces more cherries than any other nation, besides Turkey. | jeffreyw, Wikimedia Commons
Muskmelons, such as the cantaloupe, may have originated in Iran. | Corbis
Bananas became a staple when advances in shipping allowed transportation of the fruit from tropical plantations. | Corbis
American supermarkets usually only have a single variety of medium-sized, thick-skinned sweet mango. | Corbis