The Milky Way arcs over Death Valley in California. Credit: National Park Service/Dan Duriscoe


Amazing Astronomical Retreats in US National Parks: Photos

For the continental United States, a dark sky is never far away for all your amateur astronomy needs.

Published On 06/10/2016
8:13 PM EDT
A starry night over the Colorado River as seen from Navajo Point, south rim, Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz. | Don Smith/Getty Images
Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park under starry skies and lit by a full moon. | Jon Hicks/Getty Images
The Milky Way sets over Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park. | Dan Duriscoe/National Park Service
The Milky Way over Owachomo Bridge at Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah. | Jacob W. Frank/National Park Service
The Milky Way is visible in a starry sky over the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park, Texas. | Blaine Harrington III/Getty Images