The Most Incredible Things To Do in Texas

Seeing the best that Texas has to offer in the all-new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

<p>Photo: Discovery</p>

In these amazing 360 videos from Discovery, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young venture out in the all-new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid to discover some of the most amazing places in Austin, Texas.

1. Hamilton Pool

First, the guys check out the natural landmark Hamilton Pool, and look for secrets behind the waterfall.

2. Lake Austin

On their next stop, Brian and Justin visit Lake Austin to answer two burning questions: How do you make staring at a lake more fun? By waterskiing across it! And how do you make waterskiing more exciting? Lose the skis!

3. Cathedral of Junk

Austin, TX, is a weird place, and some of its residents are even weirder. Brian and Justin head out to the burbs to check out what happens when garbage meets art for residents in Austin.

4. Community Art Wall

If fame is fleeting, so is the art in this constantly changing outdoor graffiti gallery in Austin, TX. Brian and Justin continue their tour of the city and talk with an artist who's been painting there since before it was legal.

5. The Alamo

Brian and Justin hit the road and head to San Antonio, TX, for a history lesson. The guys hunker down at the Alamo to learn about the scale and scope of that last-stand battle.

6. Natural Bridge Caverns

The stars at night are big and bright...but you can't see them when you're 150 feet underground. Brian and Justin head to Texas's Natural Bridge Caverns to explore its depths.

7. Austin Roller Rink

It's a skate-off! Brian and Justin take in the nightlife in Austin, TX, and find themselves at the Austin Roller Rink. Things get heated when they encounter a roller-skating gang.

8. Wimberley Glassworks

Brian and Justin tour Austin, TX, in the all-new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. The guys shatter expectations when they learn a new craft at a nearby glassblowing studio.

9. The Unicycle Football League

Brian and Justin drive their all-new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid to learn more about their new favorite sport: unicycle football.

10. Zilker Park Drum Circle

Brian and Justin feel the rhythm and make some new friends at the weekly drum circle at Zilker Park. There's music, and flow arts, and hippies, oh my!

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