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Adhesive Tattoo Unlocks Your Phone

Just tap and go.

The perpetually locked phone, while secure, slightly annoys. Am I right?

Now you can get a wearable "tattoo" that syncs with a Moto X phone and allows you to unlock your phone with a quick tap.

First Electronic Tattoo Printed Onto Skin

The nickel-sized stickers comes from Vivalink, part of Motorola's ATAP lab, which was fully absorbed into Google. Apply one to your arm or skull or thigh - whatever works - and then sync it to your Moto X's NFC unlock. When it comes time to use your phone, tap the sticker and the phone unlocks muy pronto. It's one tap versus four. Imagine how much time you'll save.

Excellent Idea Of The Day: Tooth Tattoos

The Digital Tattoo will withstand approximately five days of life, including showers, exercise, sleep, and binge watching Game of Thrones. Then it dies. But don't be alarmed. You buy 10 at a time for about $10.

Hey, it's life. Live it.

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Credit: Vivalink

Tattooist Myke Chambers is making a name for himself in the skin and ink world with his vivid, stylized needle work. Currently working out of Art Machine Productions, in Philadelphia, he can also be found at Freaks and Geaks, in Asheville, NC., but his schedule is frequently fully booked. "Myke's style has strong roots in Traditional Americana, and though he likes to put his own spin on the basic concepts of Old School, his style is clearly his own."

Taking a look the type of work Myke does, it's a wonder he has any openings for new clients, as the rich hues and strong contrasts in his art make his pieces really pop.

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"At a young age, Myke left home with a backpack and his dog to wander the countryside by freight train in search of something he never found."

Some of his tattoos, like this one of a P40 Tiger Shark, look as if they could fit right in a couple of generations earlier, with their strong lines and stylized coloration evoking another era.

Myke's not just a great tattoo artist, he's also a former addict and alcoholic trying to give back something to others. He goes to prisons and juvenile rehabs to talk to other guys who might learn something from his journey.

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With a bunch of his time spent traveling on the tattoo convention and circuit, Myke is still a bit of a vagabond, and "hasn't yet shaken the wanderlust", and yet he still finds time to work on his painting skills and give watercolor workshops.

Birds and flowers seem to feature prominently in his work, as in this full sleeve with an owl and foliage and gypsy girl. Myke's work is always custom, and he works closely with his clients throughout the design process, so they get a truly original piece.

This piece, with its pierced heart and colorful birds carrying a banner, is a great example of a modern twist on the traditional Americana style.

If skulls are your thing, Myke's got you covered there, too, especially if high-contrast line work and brilliant colors really grab you.

Fancy a spot of tea? A tattoo from Myke doesn't have to be of typical tattoo subject matter, as seen in this colorful teapot piece.

Myke also offers his original paintings, as well as prints of his works, so even if a tattoo is out of the question, you can still have a piece of his to decorate your home or office.

If you'd like more of Myke's work, he has two different 'sketchbooks' for sale, spiral bound, with both color and B&W images, printed on card stock with a clear protective cover.

Myke apprenticed for awhile in New Orleans and then worked at a street shop in California before opening his own shop in Austin TX, and he says that although he's been tattooing for years, he basically had to relearn his art after sobering up in 2005.

If you'd like to catch up to Myke at a convention or show, take one of his watercolor seminars, or find out when he'll have some open appointments, be sure to check out his travel dates.

See more of Myke's tattoo work at his website, and watch some of the videos he's got up there as well.

From the small and delicate pieces to the large and bold ones, the tattoos of Myke Chambers are eyecatching, and bring to mind carnival sideshows and the brilliant styles of years gone by.

To find out more about Myke's work, or to book an appointment, check out his site, And stay current with him on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. [All images copyright Myke Chambers, used with permission.]

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