A Man Swallowed a Goldfish and Could Now Serve Time for It

An online drinking game could have costly consequences for a UK man and his friend.

A drinking game could prove costly for a UK man after he swallowed a goldfish on a dare and now may see jail time for it.

In an office above a Devon pub in March 2016, the Guardian reports, Daniel Challis, 24, accepted a dare to swallow a goldfish and his friend, Cheryl Stevens, posted video of the challenge to Facebook.

Challis and Stevens have since been convicted of bringing unnecessary suffering to the animal.

Challis was participating in an online game called neknominate, in which people field extreme drinking challenges and then nominate friends on Facebook to follow suit.

When the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) learned of the video, after social media users flagged it, the organization kicked off an investigation.

Challis and Stevens testified that the fish was dead before it was swallowed, but UK magistrates disagreed, after viewing the video Stevens had posted online.

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Veterinarian David Martin testified before the court that the fish would have experienced suffering and that it was clearly alive before it was swallowed, based on movements it made in trying to avoid being picked up.

Challis and Stevens, while guilty on the count of causing suffering, were found not guilty of failing in their duty to protect the fish, the Torquay Herald Express reported. The pair will be sentenced on February 3 and were told they could face jail time.

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