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A Long Walk Down the Amazon

The first man to walk the entire length of the Amazon shares his experiences on video and social media.

Ed Stafford, author of "Walking the Amazon: 860 Days. The Impossible Task. The Incredible, Journey"

I once spent more than a month on an expedition deep in the Peruvian Amazon, and let's just say "Heart of Darkness" is a mild way to describe the wild jungle. It's beautiful and pristine, sure. But also: terrifying and treacherous. We encountered venomous stingrays, killer bees, rabid vampire bats, electrifying thunderstorms, previously uncontacted tribes and so many welt-inducing insects that I still itch when I think about them.

All of those memories came flooding back when I read about Ed Stafford. For 860 days – or more than two years – the 35-year old British explorer and ex-Army captain walked the length of the Amazon River, from source to sea. He finished the walk last August.

This June, Stafford published a book about the journey. In a video, he recalls writing in his journal along the way, with tears streaming down his face out of misery.

Now, episodes of the adventure are also available on a limited-time basis. Unfortunately, the videos cannot be viewed from the United States. If you can watch them where you live, leave a review in the comments. A trailer of the show suggests it's full of juicy entertainment.

Meanwhile, you can continue to follow Stafford's adventures through his website, and you can find him through all social media avenues as well. He recently ran his first 103-mile ultramarathon. I can't imagine what he'll be up to next.