A Cuppa Without the Styrofoam: DNews Nuggets

McDonald's is testing a fiber-based coffee cup to possibly replace polystyrene cups in its restaurants.

A Cuppa Without the Styrofoam: Stop by McDonald's for a cup of coffee and you'll likely be handed a polystyrene cup. That could be changing. McDonald's is testing a double-walled fiber hot cup in 2,000 of its restaurants. Granted, that's just a drop in the bucket when you operate some 31,000 restaurants world-wide, but the company is using the trial to assess "customer acceptance, operational impact and overall performance." Styrene, used to make polystyrene, has been listed as a possible carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Also, polystyrene cups are not commonly recycled and foam particles are among the most common items found during beach cleanups. Since 1990, McDonald's has eliminated more than 300 million pounds of packaging, including foam-based clamshell cups once used to contain its burgers. The polystyrene hot cups are the company's remaining foam-based packaging hold-out. (12:05 p.m.) via AsYouSow.org

Streaming Red-Tailed Hawk: Live-bird webcams are one of the most wonderful parts of spring, IMO, and this streaming webcam of a red-tailed hawk mother incubating two eggs is tops. The nest is 80 feet above a Cornell University athletic field and has been in annual use by hawks for four years, according to a university press release. The current residents trade off sitting on the nest and the eggs should hatch within about a month. We'll be watching! (10:14 a.m.) via Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Kimberley Baker Toulouse Siege Live: French police are in a standoff against suspected Toulouse serial killer Mohammed Merah, an escaped prisoner from Afghanistan with links to the Taliban, who allegedly killed four people outside a Jewish school, as well as three paratroopers. (9:04 a.m.) via The Telegraph