A Brown Snake Devours a Python in This Gruesome Video

Aussie snake catchers find it's a snake-eat-snake world in a Brisbane basement.

If snake-on-snake violence is your thing, you're in luck, thanks to snake catchers in Brisbane, Australia who were called to a home to settle the reptilian dispute seen in this video.

The firm N&S Snake Catcher handled the call, and co-owner Sally Hill told Australia's ABC that the sighting was a rare one. Furthermore, it disproved a saying the snake catcher had heard.

"We always heard the old saying 'if you've got a carpet python you won't have a brown' so obviously that's a myth," Hill told ABC.

In the grisly footage, a brown snake is seen dining on a carpet python, a meal that took several hours to complete.

Brown snakes -- native to Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea -- usually dine on rodents, but clearly they are not above eating creatures of their own kind. Hill told ABC that brown snake populations are on the rise in Australia and that competition for food may have helped spur the snake toward its uncommon meal.

And how did the snake catchers handle the scene? They simply let it happen, scooting the entwined and dined snakes into a bag to let nature take its course: