Nike's new football cleats are 3-D printed. | Nike

9 High-Tech Shoes Step Into the Future: Photos

Radical shifts in shoe design are just around the corner.

Published On 02/28/2014
12:00 PM EST
Vacuum compression technology creates a single-molded shoe. | Nike
Each sole has a small compartment specially designed to fit a fire-starting kit. | Rocky S2V
The 3D-printed tri-star stud on the sole of Nike's Vapor HyperAgility cleat creates the optimal traction needed to decelerate and change direction quickly. | Nike
This shoe is designed using the colors of your favorite Instagram photo. | Nike
A shoe insert with microfluidic technology converts motion into energy. | Tom Krupenkin, J. Ashley Taylor/University of Wisconsin-Madison
Embedded electronics allow the shoe to receive Twitter updates. | Adidas
Pressure sensors in the toe and heel produce sound effects when the wearer dances. | Adidas/Youtube
A one-piece design reduces weight. | Nike
It's almost 2015, and auto-lacing shoes are right on time. | Nike