This modern office space has all kinds of comforts and conveniences. | Thinkstock/iStock

8 Ways Your Office Job Is Killing You

The modern office has all kinds of comforts and conveniences. Too bad it's also something of a death trap.

Published On 06/01/2015
6:30 PM EDT
Standing up and getting some light exercise at regular intervals during work hours could counteract the negative impact of prolonged sitting.
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Taking meals at our desks probably isn't helping American workers keep down their weight. | Thinkstock/iStock
This traffic jam is a familiar scene to Americans commuting by car in many metropolitan areas.
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A lack of sleep can impair judgment and slow reaction times.
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An office window is more than just a perk; it can be essential to the well-being of an employee.
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The influenza virus must be a big fan of open offices. | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Noisy offices aren't quite this bad, but they can seem that way to a worker who has dealt with hours of sustained distractions.
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PFCs are used to make objects water, stain and fire resistant, and they can spread through dust.
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