Three of the contenders, from left to right: Virginia Tech's THOR, DARPA's test platform robot made by Boston Dynamics and Raytheon's Guardian. | DARPA

8 Tricky Tasks for Robots in DARPA's Challenge

The arduous tasks 17 robots will need to perform.

Published On 12/17/2013
12:40 PM EST
The "CMU Highly Intelligent Mobile Platform" or CHIMP has a wingspan of 10 feet. | Carnegie Mellon University
JPL's RoboSimian has four general purpose limbs and hands that will be used for both mobility and manipulation. | JPL
DRC-HUBO can switch from bipedal to quadrupedal walking, which provides the robot with greater stability to walk on uneven terrain or to climb up a hill. | KAIST HUBO Lab & Rainbow Co.
Robots will be asked to perform a variety of challenges difficult for even humans to do. | DARPA