Domestic uses for drones are growing to a wide range of applications not even considered a few years ago. | Victor Habbick Visions/Science Photo Library/Corbis

8 Totally Cool Uses for Drones

They're not just for war anymore.

Published On 03/25/2013
12:17 PM EDT
A ederal law signed in 2012 opened drone technology to commercial applications such aerial photography of homes for sale. | Alan Schein Photography/Corbis
A UAV is perfect for getting great shots of athletes engaged in extreme sports. | Douglas Pearson/Corbis
Traffic officials are just starting to investigate the use of drones for inspecting roads and bridges, monitoring traffic and surveying land. | Francis Leroy/Hemis/Corbis
Aerial surveys are an important componet of monitoring the endangered sandhill crane. | Winfried Wisniewski/Corbis
Scientists can quickly and cheaply send a UAV into the stratosphere to measure ozone levels. | Corbis
Drones have also been used by animal-rights advocates to determine if illegal hunting is taking place. | Mike Watson/moodboard/Corbis
Hard-to-reach disaster zones could be assessed quickly from the air. | Sanjib Mukherjee/Reuters/Corbis
Aerial views of the environment can keep city park officials aware of suspicious activities such as illegal dumping. | G.J. McCarthy/Dallas Morning News/Corbis