Japan-based HiBot developed the waterproof ACM robot, which swims. | HiBot

8 Snake Bots Crawling Your Way

Snake robots can find disaster survivors, do surgery, shoot lasers, clean toxins out of water and even fight fires.

Published On 05/03/2013
8:00 AM EDT
Murphy is designed to search through dark and cluttered disaster zones for victims. | Howie Choset, Carnegie Mellon University
Lasers on this snake robot cut through metal | OC Robotics
The Heartlander robot brings the capabilities of laparoscopic surgery to cardiac surgeons. | CONFIRM CREDIT BEFORE USING THIS IMAGE
This swimming robot is designed to clean toxic metals from waterways. | Fortune Institute of Technology
When thrown at a pole or tree branch ModSnake immediately clings to it like some species of constrictors found in jungles. | Howie Choset, Carnegie Mellon University
Anna Konda sprays water onto fires. | SINTEF
Meshbot's flexibility makes it durable. | MIT
The soft robot's power source is self-contained, allowing it to work without a tether. | Courtesy Cagdas Onal / MIT