The sun is the biggest source of renewable energy. | iStockPhoto

8 Cray Cray Ways to Harness Solar Energy

A look at some of the most unusual ways to harness the sun for power.

Published On 01/26/2015
11:00 AM EST
A spinning mechanism in the V3Solar cones maximize energy generation. | V3Solar
Andre Broessel designed glass spherical lenses filled with water that act like solar concentrators. | Rawlemon Solar Architecture
Minuscule solar panels placed on microbes could create a chemical reaction akin to artificial photosynthesis. | iStockPhoto
Reusable peel-and-stick solar cells can be made easily and affixed to just about anything solid. | Chi Hwan Lee, Stanford University
Bottle Charger is a way to recharge cell phones using a water bottle filled with boiling water and a mini-turbine. | Bottle Charger
Solar-powered wearables will need to get more durable if they're going to be practical. | Mae Yokoyama
Solar arrays could be installed in the open land than runs alongs roads. | Oregon Department of Transportatio
Graphene combined with atom-thin layers of metal produced a solar-powered coating that could be painted onto buildings. | University of Manchester