According to a long-term study, a few simple (and, perhaps, not-so-obvious) alterations in lifestyle can lead to longer, healthier lives. | iStockPhoto

7 Ways to Live a Longer Life

Want to live a long life? Forget taking supplements and searching for a fountain of youth. The keys to longevity are probably much closer to home.

Published On 03/28/2013
8:45 PM EDT
Being prudent doesn't necessarily just mean saving for a rainy day -- being concientious, responsible and persistent helps too. | iStockPhoto
Connecting socially with family and friends can be a lifespan booster. | iStockPhoto
A little bit of worry didn't hurt anyone, in fact, it might help. | iStockPhoto
Your genes, of course, have a role to play in longevity, too. | iStockPhoto
Marriage can lengthen your lifespan, if you're male. | iStockPhoto
Calorie restriction can lengthen lifespan too... although it seems to only apply if you're a rodent. | iStockPhoto
Take a leaf out of this rottweiler puppy's book. | iStockPhoto