Unlike credit cards or even Paypal transactions, virtual currency is not tied to a particular person. | JIM URQUHART/Reuters/Corbis

7 Shocking Things You Can Buy with Bitcoins

Bitcoins are ideal for buying products or services that might be embarrassing or illegal.

Published On 10/10/2013
7:00 AM EDT
Some of the more popular items bought and sold with Bitcoins on the Silk Road marketplace were controlled substances. | Wikimedia Commons / Drug Enforcement Agency
There are legitimate and not-so-legitimate merchants who take bitcoins for guns. | Dirk Shadd/ZUMA Press/Corbis
The anonymous, virtual nature of the bitcoin currency means it's harder to prove money was exchanged for sex. | iStockPhoto
Given the mind-set of most hackers, it's only natural that the ones selling malicious software would turn to Bitcoin. | iStockPhoto
The fake passport Daniel Craig used in Casino Royale is now displayed at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire, UK. | Wikimedia Commons, user Morio
There is more than one way to hire a hit man. | iStockPhoto
This laser powers up to two watts, enough to burn holes in many materials. | BitLaser