You can take in the view looking north from Mount Kosciusko after a moderate climb. | JJ Harrison/Wikimedia Common

7 Mountains You Forgot to Climb

They're all spectacular. Some are easy to climb, some nearly impossible, but they're all underrated.

Published On 07/22/2013
1:00 PM EDT
Mount Kenya is hard to see and took a long time for European explorers to discover it. | Sam Stearman/Wikimedia Commons
This track leads you to the summit of White Mountain. | Jonathan Lamb/Wikimedia Commons
Telescope Peak towers over the lowest place in the Western Hemisphere. | Mark A. Wilson/Wikimedia Commons
From Colorado's Kit Carson Peak you can take in nearby Crestone Peak. | Adam Ginsburg/Wikimedia Commons
A sign marks the elevation at the top of Mount Kita, Japan's second-highest mountain. | Kumaapr9/Wikimedia Commons
Carrantuohill is Ireland's tallest mountain, found in the far southwest of the country. | Anthony Patterson/Wikimedia Commons