Thanks to malicious software, technology today has the ability to track your every move. | iStockPhoto

7 Everyday Techs Spying on You

Don't look now, but just about every gadget in your vicinity has the capability of spying on you.

Published On 01/09/2014
1:00 PM EST
Webcams can be easily switched on from remote locations. | iStockPhoto
Intellistreets lamps are loaded with tech and are capable of two-way communication. | lluminating Concepts
NSA can deposit malicious software called DOPOUTJEEP onto an iPhone and turn the device into a spy. | soberve/Getty Images
Web TVs will have embedded cameras designed to watch viewers. | Moonboard/Corbis
MagicBands are equipped with radio-frequency identification technology, or RFID tags, and they monitor what visitors ride. | Kent Phillips/Disney
It's possible to control your stove remotely. | GE
White Hat hacker Barnaby Jack proved he could kill a diabetic person by from a distance of 300 feet by programming an insulin pump to deliver a lethal dose of insulin. | iStockPhoto