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6 Lightest Sea Kayaks on the Market, and How They Compare

here's a rundown of six of the lightest models on the market today, and how they stack up.

When it comes to sea kayaks, lighter often equates with better, and comes with improved maneuverability and higher speeds. It also means getting the thing to and from the water is much less of a hassle. If you're in the market, here's a rundown of six of the lightest models on the market today, and how they stack up.

Epic GPX Ultra

Photo: Epic Kayaks

All three kayaks in Epic's GPX series weigh in at under 40 pounds, but the Ultra is the top dog, at a unbelievable 27 pounds. It's got a Nomex honeycomb core and woven Kevlar fabric and offers stability despite its lightness. It's a bit shorter than most sea kayaks, just 12′ long, and will run you $2,595.

NC 17 Competition

NC Kayak's entire 17 line is light and made for the open water, but the Competition is the most impressive of the group. It's especially fast- NC boasts that even casual kayakers can get it to top speed within three strokes. It weighs 39 lbs and runs for $2,700.

Barracuda Beachcomber Ultralight

Photo: Barracuda Kayaks

The Barracuda Beachcomber is Southern Adventures' best selling kayak, and it's easy to see why. It measures 16′ but weighs just 39lbs, and has all the features you want in a top of the line craft. With an innovative rudder system, adjustable seat and paddle holder, the Beachcomber costs $3,099.

Valley Sea Kayaks Avocet

Weighing in at 48 lbs, the Avocet is ideal for women and small kayakers. At 16′ long, it's compact and offers above average maneuverability. At $3,749, it's one of the most expensive models on this list.

P&H Aries 155

Photo: Aries Kayaks

The Aries 155 is at the heavier end of this list, at 55 lbs. It's 15′ long and on the wide side, offering more stability, important for inexperienced kayakers. It's especially maneuverable and features a quick resurfacing bow that keeps above water in choppy waters. It costs around $3,400.

Valley Sea Kayaks Nordkapp LV

The Nordkapp LV is best for lighter paddlers and offers 17'6″ of length in just 49 lbs. It doesn't have much loading capacity, keeping it trim and best used for shorter trips. Like the Avocet, it will run you $3,749.

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Top Photo: Chris Walker Innerwealth / CC