As the population of the world increases, people will need smarter infrastructure and more innovative vehicle designs. | Sanford/Agliolo/CORBIS

5 Future Transport Techs Coming Soon

The transportation solutions are not just spinning their wheels.

Published On 11/27/2013
12:30 PM EST
A magnetic force lifts and propels the train forward. | Imaginechina/Corbis
A hyperloop train could be faster and cheaper than magnetically levitating trains. | Elon Musk
Google's self-driving cars have already logged more than 500,000 miles. | Corbis
BMW's i3 brakes automatically when the driver take her foot off the accelerator. | Gene Blevins/ZUMA Press/Corbis
Personal pods being tested in the U.K. seat one person and drive on their own over a pre-described route. | Youtube Screen grab