The command module "Odyssey" lives up to its name, returning the Apollo 13 astronauts safely from their life-threatening voyage. | NASA

45 Years Later: Apollo 13 Life Lessons

If every failure offers a learning opportunity, what can Apollo 13 teach us?

Published On 04/17/2015
1:00 PM EDT
The original crew of the Apollo 13 mission, with Jim Lovell (left), Ken Mattingly (center) and Fred Haise (right) in their astronaut suits. | NASA
Fred Haise appears on screen at mission control for a public relations appearance minutes before the explosion that would cripple the Apollo 13 spacecraft. | NASA
A view of the moon from the lunar module during the Apollo 13 mission. | NASA
A diagram of the command module next to the lunar module. Note how the former is shown to accommodate three men, while the latter was designed to suit two astronauts. | NASA
A group of astronauts and flight controllers monitor the console activity at mission control in Houston during the Apollo 13 crisis. | NASA
The improvised air purifier appears aboard the lunar module in-flight during the Apollo 13 mission. | NASA
Fred Haise attempts sleep during the Apollo 13 mission. | NASA
Apollo 13 flight directors celebrate the successful splashdown of the Apollo 13 command module. | NASA
U.S. President Richard Nixon welcomes the Apollo 13 crew home. | NASA