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Go on a 360-Degree Tour of the Large Hadron Collider

It's a rare glimpse into the world's most ambitious physics experiment.

<p>Photo: BBC News // YouTube</p>

About 100 meters beneath the French-Swiss border is the Large Hadron Collider--the largest machine in the world. It's the site of the biggest physics experiment ever conducted. Simply put, the goal is to crash two particles together at speeds approaching the speed of light. Its structure is a 27 km-long loop that has two channels running in opposite directions.

Scientists are performing four experiments at the LHC, all involving particles moving in this loop tunnel at incredibly fast speeds. One involves observing particle behavior at -271 degrees Celsius (-456 degrees Fahrenheit). The physicists are hoping the LHC will help us better understand the circumstances at the birth of the universe. Watch the video from BBC News below, best enjoyed at hi-res on a large screen.

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