3 Reasons You Should Go to Panama (Besides the Canal)

Mention "Panama" and the first thing most people think of is the canal. The second thing is David Lee Roth screaming/singing Paaanamaaaaa! in the 1984 Van Halen song. And that's about it... unless you get a history buff who knows a little bit about pirate lore. But Panama is much more than a canal and [...]

Published On 07/16/2012
9:03 PM EDT
The skyline of Panama City as seen from Casco Viejo (Photos: Eric Rogell)
The ruins in Panama Viejo are the result of Captain Henry Morgan's raid on the capital city
The lookout tower in Panama Viejo. You can see the cutout for the circular staircase used to get to the top
The ruins of Fort San Lorenzo, thought impenetrable until Captain Morgan took it
The fort at Portobello. It is believed the lead coffin of Francis Drake is in these waters
Portobello is also home to the famous Black Jesus. On Oct 21, Panamanians from all over the world make the pilgrimage back home for the celebration
Panama has miles of coastline and great fishing
It is not uncommon to see monkeys in the streets...
Panama City has an ever changing skyline
In Casco Viejo (The Old Quarter) you can see buildings from Panama's colorful history
Old US school buses get refurbished, and repainted, to become "Red Devils," buses that careen through the city streets for the fare of 25 cents.