See a 19th-Century Astronomer's Spacey Drawings

Etienne Leopold Trouvelot's dreamy renderings of the cosmos are now in the public domain.

<p>Image via the New York Public Library</p>

Recently, the New York Public Library released a flood of images to the public. Among the art, photographs, and other creations now in the public domain is an assortment of drawings from Etienne Leopold Trouvelot, an artist and Harvard astronomer from the 19th century.

According to Quartz, Trouvelot drew inspiration from published research, as well as his own observations. A few of Trouvelot's drawings can be found below:

"Total eclipse of the sun. Observed July 29, 1878" | via the New York Public Library

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"Mare Humorum. From a study made in 1875" | via the New York Public Library