11 Things to Avoid When Cloning Yourself

Not matter what your intentions, the cloning experience is fraught with peril.

June 26, 2013
1:35 PM EDT
Clones, like tattoos, are permanent. Be sure you really want one. | SuperStock/Getty Images
If you clone yourself for parts, you're half-way to thinking, "maybe I'll just move my current brain into a new body." | Getty Images
If you're a power-hungry megalomaniac, it might seem like a good idea to clone yourself to create an army of like-minded minions, but think twice. | AAR Studio / Getty Images
You wish there were more than one of you to handle the workload. No you don't. | DrGrounds/Getty Images
We all know that accidents happen, so have a fool-proof method. | okeyphotos/Getty Images
Evil clones always want more coffee. | Joan Vicent Cantó Roig/Getty Images
Even nice clones can muck things up. | Adri Berger/Getty Images
Don't say "I do." | Jutta Klee/CORBIS
You're just begging for therapy. | Rekha Garton/Getty Images
Cloning yourself for magic is creepy. | urbancow/Getty Images
Who's to say which one is really you? |