Cargo ships washed ashore are seen four days after super typhoon Haiyan hit Anibong town, Tacloban city, central Philippines November 11, 2013. | ROMEO RANOCO/Reuters/Corbis

11 Health Threats from Climate Change

Deadly storms, such as Typhoon Haiyan, represent only one way the effects of climate change may devastate livelihoods and harm human health.

Published On 11/15/2013
12:00 PM EST
An Asian Tiger mosquito feeds from the blood from a person in an undated photo. | Getty Images
An adult tick walks toward a warm source. | Kerstin Waurick/Getty Images
The famous rock formations of Monument Valley on the Navaho Indian reservation in northern Arizona are obscured by the red dust in the air during a sand storm. A car heading north into Utah has to use its headlights to be seen in the lowered visibility. | Bryan Allen/Corbis
Thousands of dead fish floated around the King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach. Experts believe the fish appeared to have moved into the harbor to escape a red tide. | J. Emilio Flores/Corbis
A man carries a box of lettuce. | Antony Nagelmann/Corbis
A Chinese swimming coach led his three team members into a swimming pool to play mahjong underwater to stay away from the heat wave in Changsha, central Chinas Hunan province on Aug. 9, 2013. | Imaginechina/Corbis
Ragweed allergies attack. | Roy Morsch/CORBIS
A haze of air pollution lingers over downtown Los Angeles on Feb. 14, 2013. | Ringo Chiu/Corbis
A paddle boarder floats near a warning sign posted after an overnight sewage spill in Newport Beach forced county officials to close the bay water area around Balboa Island on August 2012. | Ken Steinhardt/Corbis